Wonderful Interior Crittall Doors

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Crittall Doors Design

The same properties that make windows indispensable in outer walls also apply to indoor crittall doors. Glass panels allow light to flow freely, and a wall of glass can help draw natural light right into the darkest hooks of the building. Here you have placed a glass panel instead of a wall and have thus made sure that the office and the walking area remains separated but at the same time it appears bright, airy and connected to the rest of the home.

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It’s totally wild simple but super elegant. Choose a panel of windows in so-called crittall doors style rather than a solid wall and you have a nice light drop, greater spaciousness and at the same time clearly defined areas. The distance to the ceiling in this apartment – an old converted school building – is at most 5 meters in the highest places. Therefore, the home is ideal for a loft or a whole extra floor with indoor windows.

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A glass crittall doors may not be quite a window, but still has a similar function and emphasizes the connection between separate rooms. The office here can thus benefit from the extra light that flows through the door glass, but still closes for better sound and thermal insulation.


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