White Granite: Very Popular In Kitchen

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Clean White Granite

Both marble and white granite are very popular stones in construction, both in homes and in public and commercial buildings. Its implementation in area of ​​construction comes from a long time. These stones are characterized by being very noble and highly resistant, which with proper care and maintenance, can keep their goodness intact for a long time. marble is a material with a porous surface and high aesthetic appeal.

This is an inconvenience when some area of ​​this material is stained, since porous material penetrates easily enough. Although cleaning of marble is not at all difficult, fundamental thing is that when a stain is produced on it, proceed to remove it immediately so that it does not get to adhere to it. In general, not only for white granite countertop for all surfaces with this material, for a daily cleaning it is sufficient to use water and a neutral soap.

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To protect a granite countertop and prevent it from losing its shine, it is advisable to follow a maintenance program that involves using water, and apply each time a special product for natural stone, which is available in market. Although we can find different recommendations and tips to remove stains from this type of material, it is safest to obtain an adequate advice. Since there are special products for both white granite and marble. Especially in cases of stains or serious deterioration.

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