What’s Your Favorite Bathroom Art?

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Bathroom Art Colors

Bathrooms should be pleasant and relaxing spaces, almost as personal sanctuaries, and since art is food for soul, bathrooms are good containers for bathroom art. When thinking about rehabilitation or reform of bathroom, it is thought in detail in tiles, toilets, auxiliary furniture, fixtures, fixtures, and curtains or shower screens, but art is usually ignored, as if it were reserved for other spaces in house such as living room to be, hallway or lobby.

However, although they are often seen as auxiliary rooms, bathrooms are very important spaces in a home, because daily cleaning is like a ritual of cleanliness and relaxation, and a space in which we end up spending more time than we do. It seems. In addition, one or a few well-placed photographs and / or works of bathroom art can have a great impact on aesthetics of room, transforming and revitalizing it completely, whether oil paintings, digital printing or vinyl, sculptures, statuettes, photographs and / or illustrations protected with glass, mosaic compositions, or hand-painted tiles and murals, among others.

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An easy and effective way to put our favorite photographs, illustrations and sheets of bathroom art without spoiling them with moisture or water vapor normally present in bathrooms, is to protect them with watertight glass and frame, which act as an air chamber that keeps paper isolated and protected. Nowadays variety of sizes and colors offered by market is practically unlimited; but also, with a little creativity, everyone can make their own compositions of artistic recycling with small fragments of broken tiles. You can use different materials to create different compositions.

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