Water Protection King Size Mattress Cover

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King Size Mattress Cover Types

King Size Mattress Cover – A waterproof mattress cover protects the mattress from damage and odors due to fluids. Some waterproof mattress covers also called waterproof mattress pads, have a quilted fabric surface while other products are made entirely of waterproof material. They come in all sizes, from the size of the crib to the king size bed. With proper care, a waterproof mattress cover can provide years of effective mattress protection.

Follow the basic guidelines to wash your waterproof mattress cover with confidence. Consult the manufacturer’s care instructions, if available. The care tag is usually sewn into the cover in an inner seam on the other side of the king size mattress cover that reach the mattress. Turn the waterproof mattress cover inside out and look for the label. Most waterproof mattress covers are machine washable in hot water. Set the washing temperature to heat, regular cycle. If it is necessary to wash the waterproof cover often, using the permanent ironing cycle can help the cover last longer.

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Dry the waterproof king size mattress cover over medium heat called the permanent ironing facility in some dryers. Check the mattress cover in the dryer after 20 minutes. Add more time if necessary. It may take two turn to dry the pad. Do not leave the cover in the dryer more than important. Remove the waterproof cover from the dryer as soon as it is dry and put it on the mattress.

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