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Cozy Crib Mattress Pad

The recommendation that the baby sleep with a crib mattress pad is very useful with this option. This way it is not developed when changing it from the Moses to the bed, nor is it necessary to walk with loose blankets (which can also be dangerous). That the baby sleeps part of the night in bed, and part in a bassinet next to the bed.

Crib mattress pad comes well for example to be able to lift quietly to the bathroom , or if at some point you are sleeping very uncomfortable, or your partner has taken over much of the bed. Or to make a barrier if you want to put the baby next to the mother. (And if the height and shape is adequate).

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The bassinet would say that it can be used for 3 or 4 months. The minicuna, according to the child, could be stretched until 5-6 months. The crib mattress pad usually goes well from birth until the baby weighs about 5kg. At that moment, it begins to become hard to load the baby and pass it to the bed for each shot, put it back … So at that point, in many cases, it ends up staying in bed. Obviously, if you get a very high baby, in a few months it will be too fair.

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