Very Special One, Style Warehouse!

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Style Warehouse Chair

Do not think about it anymore and give him that change that you both want and need your home, with the style warehouse that we bring you today. Do not be afraid of the changes, they are all good and in this post we will talk about a very special one, industrial style , how to decorate your space with it. The industrial style is modern, sober and urban, with a very masculine touch for the colors that predominate in it, such as wood, blacks, and the range of gray and cold materials such as metal.

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This style arises from the need to start living in old factories and warehouses of the 40s that were abandoned. So if you want to give this great touch to your home, follow these ideas and achieve a factory style. Wood is a fundamental element in the style warehouse since it reaches a balance between metal and iron, which are the most characteristic materials of this style.

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Use wood for the floor or furniture in style warehouse such as tables, desks or a shelf. Nature: This never hurts, if you have wood and many metals the plants will look good and they will give that contrast. You can hang some plants in the corners or on the walls. A little green will always be welcome.


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