Very Fashionable Distressed Wood Furniture

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Beauty Distressed Wood

You are about to throw away that old wooden furniture that you no longer see any attraction. Wait a minute. Maybe you could turn it into big star of your living room, bedroom or dining room painting it in a very fashionable distressed wood. First thing to do is to leave surface of furniture ready. For this you should sand it well. If varnish or paint does not come out when furniture is sanded, you will have to use a paint stripper to weaken paint and then remove it with a spatula.

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Then apply white primer so that paint that you put after it is well adhered. With two layers is enough. Sand lightly between each layer. When primer is dry, you should lightly sand surface of distressed wood furniture. Then remove dust with a cloth. Furniture is ready to be painted white. we are recommends using a small roller, but you can also use a brush, although in this case it could have a less uniform finish.

Sand certain areas of furniture to give it desired aged look. Concentrate especially on edges and corners of it.  We reach final step. To give desired aged look you can use Judea bitumen or, if you do not find it, oil paint in brown tones. In both cases you must dilute product in abundant turpentine. Apply it following grain of distressed wood and then remove excess with a cloth.

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