Very Easy Tri Fold Futon Mattress

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Coaster Tri Fold Futon Mattress

In addition to the traditional bed there is another concept of rest that is gaining followers little by little in the West, it is the Japanese futon, originally a cotton tri fold futon mattress that is used on a tatami floor , a combination that offers different advantages to the bed traditional western. In this guide you will find information to choose the futon that best suits your needs.

The futon is the traditional Japanese bed, consisting of a mattress made of natural materials arranged in horizontal layers and sewn to a cotton cover. It is easily foldable to be used at night as a tri fold futon mattress and kept folded during the day, clearing the space and allowing other uses in the room. The original Japanese futon is thin, about 6-7 centimeters thick (Shikibuton) and attached to a sheath, (Kakebuto), and includes a pillow (Makura).

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The futons Japanese are originally intended to be placed on floors tatami (straw mats pressed rice) and generally folded and stored in a closet during the day clearing the stay and allowing the mat to air. It is advisable to ventilate the futon regularly. The original tri fold futon mattress has adapted to the western taste without losing its essence, evolving and introducing new combinations and materials that make it more in line with our way of life and our homes.

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