Very Contemporary Framed Shower Door

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Curved Framed Shower Door

Framed shower door or the tub is usually damaged by moisture, especially if they are made of wood or any absorbent material, then the imperative need to change it for another better and more functional. Synthetic materials are obvious as the best alternative, but also glass with aluminum marquetry, which in addition to giving security and the touch of modernity, are very accessible to cleaning tasks.

Glass since its discovery offers a translucent perception of elegance, so they created the urns to keep something beautiful and valuable in view. It is the same sensation that you can give to your shower making the glass encapsulate your design and decorum, turning it into something beautiful and valuable. It does not necessarily have to be a complete framed shower door to cover the space that corresponds to it; where there is a tub you can install a glass screen as a simple separator.

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And if the space is small it will help much more because it will allow the passage of light and create the feeling of spaciousness. A pentagonal design gives great advantage to install framed shower door. It is a very contemporary design and a different alternative to curved doors, because it fits with more balance in the angle of the environment.

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