The Keys Patio Furniture Restoration

Author: Rosemary J. Johnson | Categories: Home Outdoor comments
Cheap Patio Furniture Restoration

The summer is coming; the increase in temperatures, the parks full of children, the bustle of the streets and the terraces of the full bars are a clear example of this. So it’s time to put our sights on the garden and terrace house and take the corner the patio furniture restoration that will make us enjoy these spaces the coming months. However, it is likely that, after so long exposed to the weather, have suffered some damage, we can try to solve. So, here are the keys you must follow depending on the material they are made.

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Wooden furniture: may from one year to another the inclement weather have caused damage to the surface of our wooden furniture, and need a bit of patio furniture restoration. For this we will start by cleaning the furniture well with soap and water, then proceed to a sanding process to prepare the surface and remove impurities.

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Then we will remove the remains of dust with a damp cloth, to finish applying a few hands of varnish, which will return the color, moisturize the wood and protect it. Resin furniture:  for this type of patio furniture restoration water, soap and sponge cleaning will suffice. In addition, it is advisable to cover them if they are going to be in disuse for a long time, even in summer.


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