The Best Organic Crib Mattress Pad

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Cotton Organic Crib Mattress Pad

Organic crib mattress pad is the best natural alternative for our baby. Inside, Lena contains organic cotton, which helps regulate temperature naturally. The case is also made of soft organic cotton but in satin finish to improve breathability and feel. This baby mattress pad is designed with raised edges to offer greater security to the newborn. The color is offered by the fibers in their natural state since no chemical dyes or bleaches have been used for their manufacture.

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The rest of a baby must be 100% natural since it is at this stage when children are most vulnerable. We must choose sheets, quilts, pillows, toppers or mattresses made without toxic processes that may hinder the correct development of the smallest. The organic crib mattress pad assures us a natural and cozy refuge for our children.  This is an internationally unified certification testing system.

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Pollutant testing is subject to a variety of criteria based on scientific principles, adapted annually based on technical developments and new legislation. This seal guarantees that there are no substances, components, heavy metals, phenols and pesticides suspected of being carcinogenic, prohibited and harmful. Organic crib mattress pad are entirely handmade and custom made with 100% organic materials free of chemicals and toxic substances.

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