The Best Ideas Concealed Door Hinges

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About Concealed Door Hinges

Concealed door hinges consist of two fins or leaves with screw holes held together by a pin. They are mounted on the outside of the door and the frame and look like a butterfly when it is open; hence the name. These cabinet hinges are ornamental and can add style to any form of colonial room in art deco style and beyond. One of the hinges similar to this is a butt hinge only the fins are recessed in the door and the frame revealing only the pin when closed.

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Concealed door hinges are mounted on the lower and upper part of the door with portions of each hinge bent and mounted on the frame and the door resulting in a concealed hinge. They like all cabinet hinges are available in multiple finishes to match style. One of the most popular types of hinge cabinet is the spring or self-closing hinge. A small spring inside the hinges of the door forces you to close on your own.

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No matter what type of hinge cabinet you choose, you still have to decode at the end. Whether you want to go to a fifty look with concealed door hinges or a more modern, European look with brushed nickel or polished chrome you will be able to find what you need to match your knobs and drawers knobs. The hinges of the cabinet really completes your home if you know it or not.

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