The Best Idea Reception Desk Design

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Office Reception Counter Design

The first impression we make on our customers, suppliers, friends, partners or investors is 80% of the idea that will be formed by our company. Just as we take care of our image and we would not receive anyone having a disheveled appearance, the office decoration has to pay special attention to the design of reception desk design, since it is the first thing that the public will see when visiting us.

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But perhaps the greatest exponent of this concept of transmitting the image is found in the reception desk design. While in other areas of the office we can allow ourselves to reflect partial aspects, in the reception we have to meet and concentrate all the elements we want to transmit in order to create a positive and accurate first impression.

Each office is a world and we must always start from the space available, making a correct division of spaces, satisfying all the needs of functional offices. Fortunately we have many elements that will allow us to play with your reception desk design space with multiple ideas to divide spaces, separate environments and create the desired climate and image, choosing those elements best suited to our needs, our sector and size.

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