Take Care Porcelain Slab Countertops

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Dark Porcelain Slab Countertops

Porcelain slab countertops – Well taken care of tile worktops ensures their beauty stays years. Knowing how to clean the surface and care for tiles protects the finish and prolongs the life of your tile countertops. Suitable cleaning materials protect the surface from damage or scratches. The installation of tiles implies a significant financial investment, so it’s only logical to invest your time and energy in taking care of tiles


Seal the joints with a commercial sealant before using countertops. The porcelain slab countertops themselves have a protective coating, but the paint is still susceptible to staining. A sealant coat prevents stains from spillage. Clean the braces immediately to prevent stains from the setting. A mild detergent is generally enough to clean the surface of your tile countertop. Use an all-purpose cleaning spray if the marking indicates that it is safe to use on tiles.

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Wipe the worktop with a clean towel after cleaning to remove moisture. Injection that remains moist can benefit the growth of bacteria or mold. Use a heat resistant pad on the tile bench before placing a hot boiler or grab it. Pillow tops or other covers provide a heat barrier to protect the worktop plate. Use a cutting board for cutting or chopping. Using the board avoids unintentional cuts in pillarization. Move heavy objects carefully over a porcelain slab countertops. Releasing a weight on tiles can result in cracked or split plates. Place heavy objects carefully on the plate.

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