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Amazing Futon Mattress Pad

The minimum thickness for sleeping on futon mattress padis around 10-12 cm. The mattresses conventional are usually 18-20 cm or more. In the West, new materials have also been introduced in its construction, since the original futon, as we said, is made exclusively of cotton. You will find natural futons made by an artisan with more than 20 years of experience that preserve the Japanese spirit in its entire splendor. The main natural materials that we use in making futons are the following

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Natural cotton futon mattress pad: Soft and comfortable. Avoid allergic reactions Warm in winter and cool in summer. It promotes perspiration. Virgin sheep wool: Light, soft and elastic. Warm and tanspirable. Thermo regulator properties. Absorbs moisture Ecological latex: Soft and soft. Antibacterial properties Elastic and flexible. Maximum adaptability to the body. Hypoallergenic. Natural bamboo: Extremely soft. Absorbs moisture and promotes perspiration. Natural antibacterial Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

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The combination of these materials will give one or other properties to futon mattress pad. For example, if we want a natural cotton futon we will have a rigid futon and very pleasant to the touch. If it is of virgin wool we will get warmth and dryness in summer although we will transpire a lot. With the Eco latex we will have a mattress that adapts perfectly to the body.

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