Stunning 16×7 Garage Door

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16×7 Garage Door Design

The garage may be one of the spaces in our house that we give less aesthetic importance. And even none. It is enough for us to be functional and period. Something that should not be so. And is that having a 16×7 garage door in our home is a real luxury that we sometimes do not know how to value. Those who do not enjoy one know how a vehicle affects being seen on the street day and night.

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Wood is the most versatile material that exists. And one of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming there is (if not the most). It helps us to make walls, floors, ceilings, and also furniture. And of course, doors. A 16×7 garage door in wood brings simplicity and style, leaving behind the robust and cold air that provide. It is a decorative element more than the outdoor area. Its perhaps somewhat dissuasive but little else.

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Many times the simplest thing is the most beautiful. There are always things that do not go out of style. And then, a good example would be traditional or classic garage doors like this one. A sliding 16×7 garage door with the simple and basic system of remote controls, with electronic key or simply, manual.

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