Standard Baby Crib Mattress Dimensions

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Walmart Crib Mattress Dimensions

Crib Mattress Dimensions – Obviously, the best crib mattress is one that covers all of our baby’s rest needs. But do we know what all the aspects we need to consider? What material is better: latex, viscoelastic, foam, springs? Firm and lasting structure: on average up to two years old our baby spends 50% of the time sleeping, so it is essential to choose a firm base that evenly distributes the weight of the baby.

Control of the temperature: it is important to choose a crib mattress dimensions that uses breathable materials and thus can regulate the temperature, avoiding that it provides much heat in summer. A mattress with a correct ventilation system considerably reduces the risk of sudden death in the infant. Removable protective cover: in many cases, the mattress can be impregnated with vomit spots, sweat or any other substance, so it is vital that it has a protective cover that can be easily removed to be washed.

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Fitted to the cradle: the crib mattress dimensions should ideally fit the cradle of the crib, so there is not much space left over and the baby cannot fit his little foot or any other part of his body. As well as the maximum the slack should be half the width of our finger and at least enough to be able to lash the sheets. Before starting the buying process, we should know the parts of a mattress to better understand the advertising or information provided by the stores.

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