Special Memory Foam Crib Mattress

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Baby Memory Foam Crib Mattress

If we have an available room we can take advantage of it or adapt a space in room or in main room. In fact, our entire house should be part of prepared environment. These spaces will have quality of being dynamic, that is, they will change in parallel to milestones of development. Below I will talk about some areas of an environment prepared for memory foam crib mattress.

Western idea that babies should sleep in another room, away from their mother and also run all night, is far from reality; Most babies wake up several times and do not want to be alone. I will be brief; it is proven that babies need contact closeness and attachment. We can install a coop that is placed as an extension of memory foam crib mattress bed, this way at night baby will be close to his mother safely, benefiting breastfeeding, mom’s rest and health of baby.

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For daytime naps a memory foam crib mattress on floor is ideal solution. This simple idea has more benefits than a conventional crib. Absence of bars and being at floor level give baby an ideal perspective of place, giving important kinesthetic and spatial information for when it is time to crawl. This encourages independence because baby will have a place that he can access to sleep and upon awakening he will have possibility to continue with his baby work: explore, play and keep moving.

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