Special Characteristic Of Cotton Futon Mattress

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Casual Cotton Futon Mattress

If we are thinking about changing cotton futon mattress and we want to avoid conventional models, a natural alternative is the Japanese futon. The origin of the futon is millennial and it is made by hand with natural cotton. The Japanese futons are designed to be above the characteristic tatami . After the night, they get used to folding to keep them in a closet and leave the room free. Today futons have evolved minimally (materials, thickness, etc.) to adapt to the customs of modern life.

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That is why they have become a serious alternative to conventional cotton futon mattress. The Japanese futon is a natural and healthy bed made by a master craftsman who patiently overlays the layers that will form the futon until reaching the chosen thickness. Subsequently, the craftsman sews the layers to a cotton sleeve so that they are fastened and do not move or deteriorate with use.

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The fastening points are covered by small round soft cotton sheets (in the form of a ring) that give the Japanese futon its characteristic appearance. The futons, in the West, tend to have greater thickness than the Japanese for two reasons: first, more resemble cotton futon mattress conventional and, second, allow placing on slatted frames.

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