Solutions To An Uncomfortable Sofa Bed Mattress

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Classic Brands Sofa Bed Mattress

Sofa bed mattress – If you have the means and time to search, an option is to replace the sofa bed mattress. Over time, mattresses can get so skewed and worn that they simply cannot be made more comfortable. This is the most expensive solution, but it can also be the easiest and most reliable. Measure your bed to determine what size you need. Be sure to buy only a thin enough to fold easily between the metal frames but sofa bed mattress that is thick enough to add comfort.

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Foam Coats; foam covers are versatile and affordable options for improving sleeper sofa sleeping experience. Cover sofa bed mattress with a foam cover. Many can be found at home delivery and bedding stores. Egg shoulder box foam is a cheap and easily accessible option. It can be layered over the mattress and under the law to add extra comfort to the sofa bed mattress when needed. To prevent the foam from becoming too skew, remove it from the bed and store it before you remove the bed.

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DIY corrections; another cheap solution is to improve the integrity of the sofa bed mattress with new foam and cotton placemat. This involves cutting the open mattress and inserting new foam and plate wrap as desired. This is the hardest solution, but it’s a cheap way to revive an old mattress. Use a sharp knife to cut the edge of the top layer of mattress linens. Push a piece of soft 2-inch padding foam in mattress. Add Cotton Platter for extra comfort. Sew the fabric closed.

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