Simple Yet Elegant Wood Entry Doors

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Classic Wood Entry Doors

Both the facade and the door is the presentation of your house. Each door has a style that often combines with the house or simply symbolizes the personality of the home and the person. The door is an element that is placed in walls, walls, furniture, slabs among others; and they are made of different materials. In this case we will talk about wood entry doors, that is, for entrances to other rooms or as the main door of your home.

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Each wooden door is a personality, a world. That’s why; we bet that this door is part of a large residence. It is advisable to place largewood entry doors like this type for houses with large size, so it will be proportional. The design of the door in the wood makes it look even bigger. If you notice, the door does not all the height, but there are three quarters.

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If you’re looking for something more modern, this door is for you. It is a large door that opens from three quarters. Said wood entry doors that is composed of a wooden frame and glass in the center. The concrete frame and the glass frame show the interior of the house a little. They are designs that complement each other to form this innovative concept.

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