Secure A Chrome Bathroom Mirror To The Wall

Author: Rosemary J. Johnson | Categories: Mirror comments
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There are two ways to hang a chrome bathroom mirror. Many bathroom mirrors do not have a frame. In this case, we will use tweezers to hang the mirror. Mirrors that have a frame are hung with traditional frame hangers or a wire hook, depending on what happened with the mirror frame. Both methods are simple, and are supported by wall beams.

Ideas for secure a chrome bathroom mirror to the wall; slide a stud finder along the wall to locate the studs. Mark your location with a pencil. Place the mirror on the bathroom counter, aligning the corners with a bolt. Place the mirror at a height that everyone who will use the bathroom can easily see. Place the level on the top of the mirror and level out. Mark the corner location with a pencil.

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Screw of the bottom two clips to marks made for placement of the lower mirror, with a drill. Square the clips so that the screen can slide into them. Slide the mirror on the bottom two clips. Have an assistant hold the mirror.  Screw the two upper clips to the wall near the top of the mirror, using the drill. Slide the clips over the top of the mirror. Allow your assistant to let go of the chrome bathroom mirror once it is secure against the wall.

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