Rustic Elegance Wood Barrel Chairs Ikea

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Bar Barrel Chairs Ikea

Recycling, art and practicality come together in these functional designs of recycled oak, cherry, chestnut … Share with us the passion and the art of recycling to decorate your favorite places with a rustic elegance that pays homage to the culture of the came. Contribute to give a new life to the staves, funds, barrigals … with the “Do it yourself” or Do it yourself. Regardless of the types of wood  used, absolutely everything is available in barrel chairs ikea. We offer you great ideas to recycle these precious woods.

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Place the wooden barrel in the center of the room with four sidewalks around and get an atmosphere of conversation with friends, you will get your client to make a good experience stay in your bar, in addition to the differentiating touch at the level of interior design that the barrel of wood will give. A wine and a cheese are best taken over a wooden barrel we tell you in barrel chairs ikea and wooden tables furniture for hotels.

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if you are a hotel that one of the axes of your company is the catering service, celebration events, weddings, communions … we advise you from barrel chairs ikea and tables of wood furniture for catering, that you do with a few wooden barrels and get this presentation so pretty as the one we show you in the following image, economic, trend and super nice, you cannot ask for more!


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