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Curtain Installation Cape Town

Curtain Installation– The cordless shower curtain is just a shower curtain without a hook. The traditional shower curtain has a small hole in it to add a hook. Or ring that can be attach to a rod or rail in the shower or bath. The hanger curtain has a much larger hole. A grommet or a rope hole that allows the stem to be place in a hole. The rings are flexible and literally glide over the curtain rod that allows quick and easy installation.

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One of the advantages of this curtain installation is that no fiddly hooks are messed with or photographed. Easily mounted with a ‘flex-ring’ (10 seconds), clean straight line. Easy to slide curtains along the pole, do not take all the stems to wash the curtains. Curtains suitable for rods come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns with contrast or rope cord coordination.

One of my bright favorites I’ve encountered is the 71 x 74-inch ‘Splash’ Peva design. Featuring different sized panels featuring different colored spots with 3 words. Suds, Ker-splatt, and Splash printed on contrasting curtains and red lines. Or grommets, how to curtain installation You correctly: Stand outside the tub facing in. The top of the ring over the shower rod, the bottom of the ring will follow rootstock.

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