Restored Gray And White Kitchen

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Amazing Gray And White Kitchen

Gray and white kitchen can create a formal or informal kitchen design. There are endless possibilities to combine cabinets, worktops, appliances and floors. Calculate the architectural style of your house before planning renovation work. Review the kitchen in home books and kitchen remodeling newspapers as well as online, to get lots of ideas. Material in all price ranges can be used to get the right look.

Draw the room in detail

Sketch your kitchen from every perspective. Draw a bird’s eye view and each wall. Plan the location of gray and white kitchen colors before selecting materials. For example, if you like gray countertops draw them to work with all white cabinets or white top cabinets and gray cabinetry. Envision where you will use white to keep the room from looking too dark. For example, you can use a white refrigerator versus a black man, to avoid using too much gray in space.

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Imagine a Style Approach

Give your kitchen a style or theme. For example, you can create a retro with gray and white kitchen checkered tiles, along with curved stools used at the island bar. You can create an Amish professional kitchen with white pearl board panels installed on the walls to the shoulder height. Then add gray shelves to keep old kitchen utensils available at antique stores. For a modern look, plan to alternate any white cabinets with two or three gray cabinets, along with white tile floors.

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