Renew Plug In Ceiling Light Any Room

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Plug In Ceiling Light Swag

Plug In Ceiling Light – Lighting is a fundamental factor in every home. A simple change of lamps can be a quick way to give a new look to any room, so here we tell you the basic tricks to install a ceiling lamp. The biggest difficulty of a lamp change is that the position in which we have to work is not comfortable, so it is best to have all the materials and tools we need at hand.

The essential elements are a ladder to get to the roof, the new plug in ceiling light, and a drill, insulating tape, a screwdriver, a wire stripper and the most appropriate fixing system depending on the type of roof in question. In addition, many times we want to reuse the bulbs, but these are impossible to remove. Just a little WD-40 to help loosen and remove them with ease. Remember that WD-40 is a dielectric product, so we will not have problems with the current.

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With the plug in ceiling light already free of the lamp, the next step is to cover the tip of the cables with electrical tape. This will prevent them from rubbing and generating current once we reconnect the electricity to use the drill. Then it’s time to check if we can use the same holes in the ceiling that held the old lamp. If not, we cover the old and mark the place where they will go new.

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