Properly Aligning Your Computer Desk Chair

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While having an appropriate chair is essential when sitting at a computer desk, properly configuring the seat you have will greatly help comfort and convenience. Sitting at the computer desk for a long time can increase muscle tension and put pressure on the spinal disc. The way you sit on computer desk chair you can make a big difference in the fight against stress and tension in the body.

The first step is to realize how you sit at the desk for a long time. Most people will slip into chairs, or they will lean against the table and bend over their shoulders. This posture can stretch your spinal ligaments and filter the spine. To solve this problem, you should make sure that you have adequate lumbar support from your seat, and align your lower back straight into the back seat.

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If you cannot do this comfortably, invest in a lumbar bearing pad so that your lower back can sit directly on the pillow. This will help ensure you sit comfortably and not bend over. When setting up your workstation, the most important measurement is your desired computer table height. Once your table is configured properly, you can then adjust the computer desk chair to the height of your workstation. For example, your elbow is at a 90-degree angle as you place your hand on the desk.

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