Planning Decoration Kitchen Wall Art

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Simple Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art – In the plans of modern kitchens, the hidden decoration is the usual tonic at the time of projecting its allocation, since this allows us to keep clean, diaphanous and versatile area. With the rise of the vintage and rustic chic style, the kitchens have once again exhibited all kinds of boats and utensils in sight, so we are going to dedicate this post to offer you different ideas of decorating the kitchen walls with utensils seen.

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That they will bring that special and personal touch. Sometimes simple shelves anchored to the kitchen wall art are the most aesthetic and practical solution. If you have a white wall, try putting them in light wood. The long wall to wall shelves are great, but with a little grace, you can also combine small shelves to decorate your kitchen.

One of the most used options today is to use one of the walls of our kitchen and transform it into a large blackboard that apart from decorating, allows us to draw and write down everything we want. Like all walls, we can fill it with what we want, because in these options we find different ways to place the utensils on the kitchen wall art and even placing shelves that allow us to have storage in view of all. Lately, we are fans of the use of spices in the meals.

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