Perfect Bow Window Curtain Rod Ideas

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Amazing Bow Window Curtain Rod

Bow window curtain rod – Curtain strings possess curtains, curtains or valences, and while it’s simple enough to acquire a straight curtain rod for a standard window, a bow window. Also known as a carnival, is another story. Ideally, the curtain rod for a bow window should have two bends in that which allows the curtain rod to stay warm on the wall. Make your own curtain strings out of PVC pipes so that you can mount the window strings of your choice to your arc windows.

Ideas for make bow window curtain rod, measure the walls over the windows. Where you want curtain sticks to sit and pull two inches from both measurements. Cut lengths of an inch of PVC pipe. Connect pipes to each other using flexible PVC fittings. You can also use PVC elbows for this purpose, flexible PVC fittings allow you to have the exact bend that you need for your arc windows. An additional degree of safety, glue the ends of the pipes to the fittings with epoxy glue.

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Cover assembled bow window curtain rod with spray primer and allow it to dry. How long it takes is stated on the packaging. Spray primes curtain rod with black spray paint. When the paint dries, curtain iron is ready for use. And then cover the ends of the curtain rod with pole cross flowers. Which can purchase at craft shops. Secure cross flowers with glue, but if you do this do not glue the ends of the tube to the elbows.

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