Pantry Cabinet Storage Ideas

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Wooden Pantry Cabinet

The installation of pantry cabinet is similar to the installation of small storage. Beware should be using when maneuvering extra cabinets to avoid scratching the storage or existing walls. Pantry cupboards can be installed in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and others. You must attach the cabinet to the posts inside the wall to secure it. Most pantry cabinets will come with an individual protective molding so the cabinet can be rotated inside the room without hitting the ceiling.

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Locate the studs inside the wall where the pantry cabinet will be installed using a beam detector. Mark the studs on the wall with a pencil. Place the individual bottom plate in its position on the floor. Screw the bottom plate to the wall with an electric drill and screws 2-1 grabber / 2 inches. Space the grabber screws 12 inches apart. Use a pencil to mark a line on the wall where the edges of the cabinet will sit. Measurement of that line to where each asparagus is.

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This will let you know exactly where to place the screw inside the back of the box during installation. Lift the pantry cabinet into the individual protective socket. Slide the cabinet into position, aligning the edge of the box to the lines you drew earlier on the wall. Use a level to make sure that the cabinet is even. Install wedges if necessary. A wedge is a wooden wedge.

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