Painting Cast Iron Curtain Rods

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Antique Cast Iron Curtain Rods

Cast Iron Curtain Rods can add a stylish and elegant touch above each window as a beautiful reinforcement to your curtains or drapes. Wooden wood sticks give you more options, and you can paint them to create distinctive colors and designs. Choose a color that complements your curtains and the other colors in your room.

Remove curtain rod from the wall, if necessary. Sand surfaces curtain light easily with medium grit sandpaper if the bar has color on it. Paste lightly with sandpaper to help the color to attach better. If the rod is not painted, no grinding is necessary. Wipe the Cast Iron Curtain Rods thoroughly with a stroke cloth to remove sawdust. Place the curtain rod on the magazine or cardboard to protect the work surfaces from spray mist. Shake the primer sharply until you hear the ball inside the color can begin to shrink – this indicates that the color is mixed enough.

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Keep the primer spray jars about 10 to 16 inches away from the curtain rod and spray the entire surface of the bar evenly. Shake regularly when spraying until you coat the entire surface with primer. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly. Shake the color can be the same as the shaking primer. Keep the jar at the same distance from the Cast Iron Curtain Rods and sprinkle evenly to coat the bar with color. Allow the paint to dry for about five minutes, and then use a second layer. Allow the paint to dry for about 24 hours, and then mount the curtain rod above the window.

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