Nice Ideas For Double Shower Curtain

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Awesome Double Shower Curtain Style

Double shower curtain can serve as a focus for your bathroom, especially if it’s a small one. Because so much attention will be devoted to the curtain, do not settle for a boring, basic plastic curtain. Do your own instead. Use one of several methods to do a shower curtain, one of which requires no sewing at all.

To make a basic double shower curtain, you need a large piece of fabric, either polyester or cotton. You can also choose vinyl-coated cotton. Although you may find extra wide fabric, you will probably need to sew two widths of fabric together. Measure the height of the shower curtain rod to the floor and the width of your shower or bathtub. Cut the fabric so that it measures height 1.5 times the width. If you are sewing two widths together, each width should measure three quarters of the shower width. Fold over and sew the sides, the top and bottom of the curtain to the hem. Cut the buttonhole along the top of the curtain for the hooks. Or skip buttonholes and use clips to hang the curtain.

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Make the double shower curtain a bit more visually interesting using a collection of squared squares and rectangles. Sew enough fabric squares to make a curtain as long as and 1.5 times the width of your shower. Bet on bold designs and colors as contrast to spice up the bathroom. Lay the collars so that the top of the curtain for the hooks. Space the ring rings about 4 inches apart and cut a hole in the fabric size of the hole in the lead. Use a sleeve tool to secure them to the fabric.

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