Nice Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

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Double Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

The frameless sliding shower doors or also known by some as screens. Whether they are of a transparent design, screen-printed, glass or even an acrylic material. They are a perfect solution that will give you a more hygienic, safe and presentable bath (very important this last). That is why in this opportunity we want to show you a few examples that will be useful for you when designing. And also choosing the shower that goes with everything you want to achieve.

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You can combine your frameless sliding shower doors with coatings of other materials a little more natural. It can not only give more freshness to the design. But can also, give you colorful touches to work in general. The use of glass in a glass shower has been combine with a well-install wood barrel fence on the outside of the shower, which gives it a very natural touch and above all original.

Another point that you should take into account when working on the purchase. And installation of this type of shower in particular, are the closure systems with which it works. Since a method based on a magnetic system is much more functional. Because It is already integrated to the direct lace of the frameless sliding shower doors . And from an aesthetic point of view, it provides more hermeticity and comfort.

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