Mounting Modern Farmhouse Rugs

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Farmhouse Rugs 8×10

Modern farmhouse rugs are often incorporated in the home to enhance the overall look and feel of comfort. However, carpet installation can be a costly process. But you can save money by touching yourself in the installation. Mounting a carpet can seem daunting, but with the right tools, a time and a little know-how, you will stand on the professional carpet for no time at all. Follow these steps and learn how to fit carpets DIY ways.


Prepare the floor for modern farmhouse rugs mounting by sweeping clean. Mark a chalk line 1 ½ times the thickness of your rug from the wall around the perimeter of the room. Use a hammer and masonry nails to nail down the carpet grippers, or strips of wood with metal teeth that hold the carpet in place, along the perimeter line. Straight angled edge of matt grip strips against the wall as you nail them.

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Place the substrate strips or modern farmhouse rugs underneath the carpet gripper strips. Place the substrate as close to each other as possible without overlap. Find the inside edge of the carpet gripper strips and staple the substrate over it. Cut any extra pad over gripping strips with the carpet trimmer. Seal substrate seams with fake tape. This will secure the substrate when you fit the carpet. Use the tape measure to measure the longest side of the room, and then add 4 inches. Select the measurement line across the back of your carpet. Place a disc underneath your cut line to protect the front of your carpet, and use a knife and straight edge to cut matte over the selected line.

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