Modern Standard Crib Mattress Size

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Black Standard Crib Mattress Size

Standard Crib Mattress Size – Cribs present a number of potential security risks unless equipped with a real mattress. For the safety of your child, pay attention to crib measurements when choosing a crib mattress

Standard Cot Mattress

Although some Standard Crib Mattress Size varies slightly in length and width, the majority of mattresses on the market are manufactured to a standard size equivalent to standard sized cribs. Standard dimensions are 51 5/8 inches long and 27 1/4 inches wide. While the mattress depth is less rigid, a mattress should never be larger than 6 inches thick. Foam mattresses can fall between 4 and 6 inches, while coil mattresses should be between 5 and 6 inches.

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Modern Standard Crib Mattress Size is not often suitable for cribs built before 1974. To be 100 percent sure of a mattress noted measurements are correct, put the mattress on a flat surface. Remove all bedding. With a tape measure, measure mattresses width at the center and from each edge. To make sure the mattress is the right size for your crib, place the mattress inside the crib. Try to insert two fingers side by side between the crib rails and the mattress. If they fit, the mattress is too small. Place for a finger most acceptable. A mattress that does not fit all sides of a crib tightly can allow the child to crawl under it.

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