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Mirrored Nightstands – Beyond the bed, the bedroom has other fundamental elements when thinking about the decoration of this room. One of them is double and sleeps very close to us. We refer to the tables, a piece of furniture that goes beyond the purely functional and manages to add character to the bedroom. With a simple design, this table has undoubtedly a detail that makes it original and unique: its mirror finish.

Made to measure by the company Venetian Glamor, these mirrored nightstands followed the line of one of his classic designs and they covered it with an aged mirror. The result is an amazing game of reflections that turn this piece of furniture into an almost magical piece.  Start by measuring the parts in which you will put a mirror. She has put it in the drawers, the top and on the sides.

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Pass it to paper and either cut the mirror yourself or you can ask to do it in glassware. Then, disassemble the drawers and remove the screws and hinges, depending on the type of furniture that is. Sand well and wipe off any dust you may have. Then paint with the spray. When dry, stick the crystals with the silicone. Put weight on and mount the mirrored nightstands again. It is the perfect contrast for the wall of steel and glass panels in this proposal of the interior design.

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