How Is It Measured For A Replacement Of My Black Interior Doors?

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So it’s time to replace black interior doors in my home. Maybe the existing door is deformed or damaged, or it is not updating as part of a remodeling project. It does not matter; there is no simple method to determine all the measurements needed to obtain the correct replacement door size for the opening.


I am Determining the vertical distance from the bottom horizontal edge. Of the door to the horizontal top edge using a measuring tape and record this dimension as the height of the black interior doors. Measuring the horizontal distance from the vertical outside edge of the door. To the opposite vertical edge and record this dimension as the width of the door.

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Measuring the horizontal dimension along the edge of the door on one side of the door on the opposite side of the door and record this dimension as the thickness of the black interior doors. I repeat the step 4 for the remaining one or two hinges and records these measurements centerline. Hook the end of the tape measure to the edge of the door, just below the doorknob. And measure the center line of the doorknob. Record this dimension as the blocking recoil to complete the necessary steps to order your replacement door.

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