Making Trestle Table Base Kit

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Dining Table Pedestal Base Only

Trestle table base kit – Making your own table can be a fun and easy weekend project. A medium sized table that would be enough to accommodate two to four people can be built in less than an hour, and costs a lot less than buying the same size table. Basic materials such as wood, plywood and ordinary wood screws are more than sufficient to build a table that is very functional for a range of activities


Lay two 46-inch discs on edge, parallel and 21 inches apart. Place the two 21 inch discs perpendicularly between them so they are 41 inches apart. Trestle table base kit with screw solid 46-inch discs into 21-inch discs with your screw gun so you have a 24-inch-by -46-inch frame. Use eight screws for this step.

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Place 33-inch discs in the corners of the frame so that the frame is flat and trestle table base kit are perpendicular to this. Screwed through the outside of the frame into 33-inch discs. Use four screws for each corner. These are the legs for the table. Place your table leg and frame so that it stands upright. Screw the plywood to the top of the frame with the remaining screws. Plywood should flush with the sides of the frame. Apply bets to the table and allow it to dry as instructed.

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