Making Gold Sunburst Mirror

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Pottery Barn Gold Sunburst Mirror

Gold sunburst mirror – If you have ever traded on a dollar store, you probably came across some beautiful and unusual travel frames. Perhaps you found a beautiful horse, miniature gardening tools, flowers or other decorations to suit your hobbies and enjoy. Maybe you found one in just the right color to match your bathroom or dressing room. Recycle an old, used mirror and turn the dollar frame into a mirror for personal use or hanging on the wall.


Remove the glass, cardboard insert and backing from a frame. Gold sunburst mirror handling gloves to avoid scratches when handling glass. Measure the glass both horizontally and vertically. Measure the glass again to be accurate and write down the measurements. Buy a used and cheap mirror from a flea market or economy store. Make sure the mirror used is larger than your frame. Does not worry if the mirror used has some dull spots around the edges; you just need that catch.

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Remove the mirror used. Wear glass handling gloves when handling mirror glass. Spread a thick blanket or towel on the floor. Place gold sunburst mirror on top of felt or towel. Wrap the mirror in blanket or towel and secure with tape. Take the mirror glass to your local glass retailer or craft shop framing department. Always turn the mirror glass to the measurements you previously recorded. The dealer can do it for free or a small fee. Place the section mirror in your frame. Replace the frame’s cardboard kit (if space) with the carrier.

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