Making A Cheap Party Gold Tablecloth

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Art Gold Tablecloth

Gold tablecloth – Any kind of party, indoor or outdoor, formal or informal, looks more festive when the tables are covered with tablecloths. You want tablecloths to reflect the theme or purpose of the party, but buying nice cloths can be expensive. The bedding added to these will have your table floor coverings look better than anything you can buy finished.


Measure your table. Add 12 inches on each side so that the gold tablecloth will hang over. For example, if the table is 72 by 28 inches, the screen will be 96 inches tall and 52 inches wide. Cut double sheets to the size you calculate with scissors. Sew a new hem of 1/4 to 1/2 inches, using a sewing machine. If you do not have a sewing machine, gently use an iron and fusible adhesive tape to make the hem. Use scattered starch and an iron to squeeze the whole cloth. The starch gives the new cloth a crisp, clean look.

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Put your new gold tablecloth on the table so that the fabric drapes over the sides. Place ornaments on top of the fabric, such as light colored confetti, pressed autumn leaves, flower petals or strips of wide bands. Place the mesh in a coordinating color over the sheet of paper with ornaments. The netting should be of the same size or slightly smaller than the tablecloth. The amount of net not only contributes to the appearance of the table, but also keeps the ornaments in place.

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