Make Canopy Bed Frame Queen From Bamboo

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Black Wooden Canopy Bed Frame Queen

Canopy bed frame queen – To make canopy bed frame queen from bamboo, starting with measure the dimensions of the bed. Add 2 inches on each side for the dimensions of the hanging canopy. Cut two pieces of bamboo for the width and two in the side length of the canopy. Place side pieces of bamboo flat on the ground. Place width pieces above the top of them to form a rectangular frame. The ends of the pieces should be even in the corners.

The next steps to make this canopy bed frame queen is, put a one-inch piece of masking tape over the top of the ends of the width pieces of bamboo. Then gently drill a hole through the top of the bamboo through to the side pieces. Size the hole to fit the eyelids. Remove mask tape and screw an eye bolt into each corner of the frame to attach the pieces of bamboo together; the eye of the eye bolt should be upward. Pull a length of the strong hose around the corner joints into the bamboo frame to make it look like the frame is torn together, rather than screwed.

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Find the roof studs with stud finder, and then screw the remaining four hooks into the roof stud over the bed. They should be placed in a rectangle, around 3 inches less than the size of the velvet hoop. Hook a length of the chain to the eye hooks with an S-hook in the ceiling. Then hook the veil on the chain with S hook through the eyelashes and on the chain at the desired canopy height one. Cut the excess chain with the chain cutters. Bamboo canopy bed frame queen is now ready for drapery.

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