Luxury Bathroom Vanities Design Today

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High End Bathroom Vanity

Luxury bathroom vanities – Long before vanities were confined to bathrooms, toilets were precious bedroom additions that gave women their own sanctuary to perform beauty tasks amid trays of perfumes, trinkets and jars. A prized three-panel mirror mounted to the wall and a comfortable dressing table chair completed the picture. That everything changed when bathrooms grew to be the size of rooms, at which vanity point only designs were limited only by imagination and money.

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Glass vessel sinks, unique design accessories and a desire to incorporate plumbing for a bathroom decoration scheme ushered in the era of floating luxury bathroom vanities. These prefabricated sections of granite, composite and other bathroom countertop materials are mounted on the walls instead of with the support of cabinets and other furniture. Once installed, they seem to float in space.

Floating vanities require upper wall supports since natural stone is heavy. Add the weight of a thick glass or sink to the ceramic container, and understand the importance of the structural reinforcements needed to keep these vanities “afloat” under large vanity mirrors. Searching for antique stores until you find a handsome piece of furniture is an ideal solution for your luxury bathroom vanities space. Height is obviously the major criteria; you can fall in love with a huge Victorian table.

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