Look Spectacular Modern Banister

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Modern Banister Design

For those lucky enough to live in a duplex, loft, chalet or multi-storey detached house, today we propose a very special way to give a touch of design to your staircase: focus on the modern banister. Element usually forgotten in the design of stairs, the latest trends offer modern and avant-garde handrails that will make our staircase look spectacular. The handrail is one of the defining elements of a staircase.

The usual thing is that it consists of a more or less conventional handrail that is supported both at the ends and along the stairway by several vertical bars. Although there are those who do without them (as with some stairs flown) usually are always present, if only as a guardrail, especially if the flights of modern banister have a certain height. It is therefore an element not only aesthetic but practical, which helps us to support ourselves while climbing the stairs.

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Either because we have sprained ourselves, because we have elderly people at home or for simple comfort. However, despite the fact that its design has so far been very conservative, it is an element to which much creativity can be applied when proposing creative reform. With modern banister, embedded, with ropes, in wood or stone, the options are as wide as the imagination.

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