Latest Trends In Modern Rectangular Pool Sizes

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Long Rectangular Pool Sizes

Do you already know the latest trends in modern rectangular pool sizes? In today’s article we will show you a selection of the most modern, futuristic and sophisticated designs for swimming pools. We must bear in mind that these elements not only bring leisure and well-being to the inhabitants of the home, but also add value. It is also known to be a very adaptable material, so it allows the creation of custom designs in very different ways. Some innovations that concrete has managed to introduce are underwater benches that allow the sun to be in the water, or decorative elements such as rocks or specific edges.

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It turns out that you can design rectangular pool sizes that look like real beaches, including the inclination of the land and other natural materials such as rocks. Imagine how great it would be to have a tropical landscape with waterfalls and palm trees in your own garden, a real treat and the dream of many.

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But perhaps the most sought after models of rectangular pool sizes are those of “infinite” swimming pools that, because of their transparency, eventually melt into the landscape. For these designs it is very common to level the terrain in order to improve the views from the pool forming several steps or steps that look towards the void.


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