Integrates Harmoniously With Gable Accents

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Gable Accents Roof

Whether by traditional or modular construction methods  , these gable accents all have in common a simple, unpretentious design that integrates harmoniously with the nature that surrounds them. Many architects defend the premise of design looking for their buildings to merge with the environment that surrounds them, especially if this one is also as privileged as the ones you will see below.

The result translates into functional, simple and charming homes, which transmit peace and serenity. The wooden deck is an important part of this design. Taking advantage of the large garden, the idea is to extend it to create a good size terrace. With a gable accents roof and the light gray color so characteristic of Nordic design, this little house in the middle of the exuberant nature is almost idyllic.

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The red tiles and the wooden exterior cladding are a classic for a house in the woods. With the idea of ​​enjoying all the environments of the wonderful garden, windows were opened up on the gable accents roof. The porch, typical of houses of this style provides a semi-covered space, adjacent to the front garden. Ideal for limited budgets, this prefabricated house has nothing to envy to the constructions in house.

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