Installing Garage Door Hinges

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Heavy Duty Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges – It’s usually an accident when a door slammed open with a little too much power and hard hit the wall, causing ugly hacking, tapping and maybe even holes in the wall. These accidents will continue to occur if you do not install a doorstep. Hinged door ends are adjustable units discreetly installed in one of the door hinges.


Buy a doorstep with a metal color that matches the metal color of your garage door hinges. Determine if you want to install the door stop at the door’s upper hinge or at its lower hinge. Close the cover to keep it in place while working. Place the tip of a screwdriver or point chisel at the lower end of the hinge pin. Tap the head of a screwdriver or chisel with a hammer to back out and remove the hinge pin from the hinge.

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Install garage door hinges stop in its place. Hinge Door Stop is a hinge pin with two perpendicular, rubber-headed stop posts attached. A plug hits the door when it opens, and the other hits the adjacent wall. Insert the hinge into the part of the plug into the hinge holes. Point the head of the hinge with a hammer to secure it in the hinge. Open the door to test the plug. The stopper that hits the wall is adjustable. Screw it down to reduce the stopping distance if the door is not opened wide enough. Unscrew the stopper to increase the braking distance if the door opens too wide and the door handle still hits the wall.

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