Installing Frameless Shower Door

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Installing Frameless Shower Door – If you are looking to install a new shower door. You should know that there are two kinds available- framed and frameless. Your ultimate choice will depend on the layout of your bathroom as well as your individual inclination. However, one cannot deny the fact that frameless shower door is not only aesthetically appealing but also a better investment.

A frameless shower door basically consists of panes of glass that are thick in terms of width and are fused to the walls that surround the shower. Their main aim is to protect the flooring from water and therefore, keep the bathroom clean and dry. Since metal is not used to support the glass, heavy duty hinges carries out the required function. Depending on your preferences, the door can either be clouded, transparent or covered with patterns.

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People today are looking for simplicity. When it comes to designing their bathrooms which is why a frameless shower door becomes advantageous. The clean lines and leveled appearance attracts customers more than the overwhelming decoration one finds on framed showers. The best part is that clear glass will complement any kind of motif and blend in with the flooring of each and every bathroom. Because of this reason, you will not have to spend hours picking out a shower door that will not clash with the tiles in the room.

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