Installing Blum Hinges

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Amazing Blum Hinges

Blum hinges on a cabinet door can be done by you. Blum provides three different types of hidden cabinet hinges. Installation of the hinges is essentially the same. These hinges are designed to be mounted on the back of the door.


Place the door on a flat surface. Place a towel under the door to avoid scratch finish. If the door has a bow top or bottom, orient the door as a left or right Blum hinges. Measure 3 inches from the bottom and the top of the door and make small marks using a pen. Measure a 3/4 inches from the edge of the door and mark a line on the door using a pen. Drill a 1 1/2 inch hole on the cross as previously done on the back of the door using a Forester bit and a drill. Drill in the door 8/3 of an inch. Do not drill completely through the door.

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Drill a hole in the same way on the other pencil marker on the door. Install Blum hinges in each hole in the door. Attach hinges to the door using the supplied screws and a drill. Keep the door in place on the cabinet with your hands. Attach the hinge slabs to the cabinet face frame using the supplied screws and a drill. There is a stop latch located on the hinge plate. Slide the hinge plate until the hinge barrier lock will not allow the hinge to slide into the cabinet.

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