Installing Biometric Door Lock

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Biometric Door Lock For Sliding Door

Biometric door lock – Installing a new door lock follows the same process if you install a lock like on an outside door or inside door. The only difference is the thickness of the door that you have to drill through. Inner doors are usually hollow and made of thin wood, while a front door must be stuck to prevent intruders and to withstand the weather and wind.


Remove the cover by loosening the screws that hold it on the hinges or pulling out the hinges. Place the door on a workbench or sturdy table and fasten it with two adjustable clips. Use the template provided with the lock to describe the position of the steering wheel on the front of the door and door lock on the side of the door. Place the end flap template against the edge of the door frame so that the biometric door lock hole is lined up with the contour you have put on the door edge. Use your pen to describe the final spot and mark the screw holes.

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Attach a whole saw to your drill and make a hole for the door handle, using your disposition as a guide. Drill halfway through one side of the door, and then switch to the other side to finish drilling the hole. This will prevent thin doors from splitting as hole saw breaks through. Turn the drill bit to a 7/8 inch spade bit. Drill a hole in the side of the door according to the disposition of the biometric door lock. Use a 1-inch wide chisel chip out the recessed area around the lock. Use a standard drill bit to make the two screw holes for the door handle according to the size of the screws.

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