Installing A Bifold Door Knobs Handle

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Bifold Door Knobs Placement

Bi-fold doors are a popular choice for pantries, room separation and toilets. Bi-fold doors pivot sideways and fold nicely against the jamb for full access through the doorway, without protruding into the living room as a conventional swing door. The final step in installing your new bi-fold doors is installing bifold door knobs.

And the simple procedure can be customized to bi-fold doors of any size. To installing bifold door knobs, starting with measure vertically 36 inches from the bottom of the pivot door on its hinged side (not the side as the pivot points to open the door). And then mark the middle point of the door, vertical frame is referred to as “styling.” This will be the centerpiece of the bi-fold door knob.

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Second, drill the 5/32-inch hole through the vertical door frame on the center of the knob marked in step 1. Third, release the knob screw through the hole drilled in step 2, from the back, and threads the knob on the screw. Hold the screw in place using a screwdriver and hand-tighten knob until the base is firmly held against the door surface. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for the second door in a double bifold door knobs installation, if applicable.

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